I was a blue-eyed soul singer way before I heard the phrase. Maybe I was influenced by artists like  Aretha Franklin, Isaac Hayes, Gene McDaniels, etc., who had cut some of my father's songs. They must have spoken to me. 

I bought my "Meet The Beatles" album which I absolutely loved, but soon after that you weren't allowed on my side of the house unless you had a Temps or Four Tops album under your arm, and it didn't end there. I would soon be nicknamed "Snow," short for Snow White, by the African Americans in my high school. This was because I only played in soul bands, was always the lead singer and sometimes was the only white guy in those bands.

My teachers knew of my unusual reputation among the black students and I remember how useful this was during the riots. I was the only white kid allowed out of the classroom to use the john. A riot in itself.

Years later, when I became a singer/songwriter with a slightly different sound I recorded "Don't Have To Look For Love No More." How comfortable I was singing in my old style.

I would like dedicate this song to Nikki Jordan and Jesse Morris.