My publisher and I got a call from Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show many years back. They expressed a strong interest in cutting one of my songs called "Coat of Armor," the song's original title. They were also seeking permission to change the title to "I'm A Lamb." We said, "Alright."

The band became smitten with the demo while touring Australia's outback and listening to new songs for their upcoming album. It was rumored that while running through my song, a string broke on Hook's guitar and took out his eye. I don't believe it.

After cutting the ditty, they called us and said, "The track is a smash." They went on to say that they wanted it to be the first single release off the album, but they wanted half of the publishingThis was not an uncommon request as I was a relatively unknown writer and they were pop stars. They later reneged and put out a horrible song that was cut at the end of the project which nose-dived the album. The reverse of this happened to me with a song I wrote for Barbra Streisand called "Superman". 

Dr. Hook's rendition of "I'm A Lamb" was great. "Superman" was melodramatic, cold and rushed.  However, "Superman" garnered the prestigious position of title cut on a Streisand album, and it was recorded last. Catch my drift? It never compared to the amazing demo recorded by the talented Cheryl Barnes. 

To experience the brilliance of this artist, search Cheryl Barnes "Easy To Be Hard" from the movie Hair directed by Milos Forman.


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